Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.     
Committed to Development...Dedicated to Quality    


Who we are:
Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. (IFSI) is a leading research, product development, licensing and production company serving the seed industry. 

SGI® Field Crops Division was established with the alliance of the IFSI Dent corn business and Seed Genetics, Inc. licensing business in 2003.  SGI specializes in dent corn research, licensing, and production.

The IFSI Sweet Corn Division is focused on research, development, and distribution of a robust portfolio of proprietary sweet corn genetics.

IFSI and SGI® were established in 1937 and 1988 respectively. 

IFSI Sweet Corn and SGI Field Crops Committed to:

                                       ● Developing
                                       ● Producing
                                       ● Licensing

  Sweet and Dent Corn Products

Delivering quality seed, valuable products, and multiple traits to our licensees and customers.